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Custom Wedding Website

We are in a digital age, our priority is to make your wedding go digital. Imagine where everything your guests and friends ever need to know about your wedding or relationship is just one click away. Yes, give them the gist and the info in one spot!

Wedding Planning

They say if you fail to plan you are planning to fail. The quality of your wedding plan deternmines the excitement in the wedding hall. Leave us to sort that out for you.

Event Center

Why make your guests stress so much before enjoying chapman. Let's help you get that perfect event center that is accessible, befits your glam and suits your budget.


You have imagined your wedding look for so many years, its about that time when it becomes a reality. You deserve to look like royalty that you are, your image is a concern to us. Lets capture your memories in gold

Video Coverage

Nothing beats the joy of watching how it all went down after your wedding. We can help you pick every single detail of that day to been seen in a thousand years.


Some MCs ruin relationships you know? While some just make your future blissful. No dull moment is our goal. Let's get you the life of your party. Trust us, we've got the best talents just for you


Wait wait, this part is sensitive. After the couple, next is item seven you'd agree. Food is that one thing on everyone's mind (Honestly, some of us come for party rice alone). You can't afford to fall their mouths, leave us to add the sugar and spice to your wedding menu. Only us can get it right.

Aso Ebi

We know all these mango yellow, cockroach brown, etisalat green very well. We can deliver the best clothing materials in Ankara, Lace, Batik, Damask, Guinea, Adire and even tye and dye in best qualities and prices.

Surprise Presentation

No no no. We don't think your wedding should follow a normal tradition without elements of surprises and fun. Let us surprise you and your guests with a presentation that will keep your guests wowed and talking for years.

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